Treating myself ......

Since my fall 6 years ago I have been walking around with various bits of metal work in my right leg. Whilst this had served it's purpose of allowing my bones to heal, I didn't like the feel of it, and I was particularly sensitive to the uncomfortable sensation when it was cold. So, I made the decision to have the metal work removed. What should have been a short and fairly simple op turned out to be a bit more challenging as they were unable to remove one of the screws due to a very dense bone structure, this is probably due to my daily balance routine. The last screw and pin should be removed in the near future.

I was confident that there would be no issues with structural integrity as the body responds to bone breaks by laying down a very sturdy repair, and, as a result, bones are often stronger after a break. However, three hours under anaesthetic leaves a lot of chemical residue in the body.

Once I got home I started to work on my meridians using acupuncture, to support my metabolism in getting the chemicals out of my body, and to encourage the healing of the flesh wounds. This, along with regular applications of comfrey, self designed physio and a positive mindset are all contributing to a pretty rapid return to my usual level of health and mobility.